44 CFR § 77.4 - Availability of funding.

§ 77.4 Availability of funding.

(a) Allocation.

(1) For the amount made available for the FMA program, the Administrator will allocate the available funds based upon criteria established for each application period. The criteria may include the number of NFIP policies, severe repetitive loss structures, repetitive loss structures, and any other factors the Administrator determines are in the best interests of the NFIF.

(2) The amount of FMA funds used may not exceed $50,000 for any mitigation plan of a State or $25,000 for any mitigation plan of a community.

(b) Cost share. All mitigation activities approved under the grant will be subject to the following cost share provisions:

(1) For each severe repetitive loss structure, FEMA may contribute either:

(i) Up to 100 percent of all eligible costs if the activities are technically feasible and cost effective; or

(ii) Up to the amount of the expected savings to the NFIP for acquisition or relocation activities;

(2) For repetitive loss structures, FEMA may contribute up to 90 percent of the eligible costs;

(3) For all other mitigation activities, FEMA may contribute up to 75 percent of all eligible costs.

(4) For projects that contain a combination of severe repetitive loss, repetitive loss, and/or other insured structures, the cost share will be calculated as appropriate for each type of structure submitted in the project subapplication.

(c) Failure to make award within 5 years. Any FMA application or subapplication that does not receive a Federal award within 5 years of the application/subapplication submission date is considered to be denied, and any funding amounts allocated for such applications/subapplications will be made available for other FMA awards and subawards.