45 CFR § 1080.4 - Eligible use of funds.

§ 1080.4 Eligible use of funds.

Amounts awarded under the Emergency Community Services Homeless Grant Program may be used only for the following purposes:

(a) Expansion of comprehensive services to homeless individuals to provide follow-up and long-term services to help them make the transition out of poverty;

(b) Renovation of buildings to be used to provide such services, except that not more than 50 percent of such amounts may be used for such purpose, and provided that all procedures required under the National Historic Preservation Act are followed;

(c) Provision of assistance in obtaining social and maintenance services and income support services for homeless individuals;

(d) Promotion of private sector and other assistance to homeless individuals; and

(e) After October 1, 1988, provision of assistance to any individual who has received a notice of foreclosure, eviction, or termination of utility services, if -

(1) The inability of the individual to make mortgage, rental, or utility payments is due to a sudden reduction in income;

(2) The assistance is necessary to avoid the foreclosure, eviction, or termination of utility services; and

(3) There is a reasonable prospect that the individual will be able to resume the payments within a reasonable period of time.

(f) Provision of, or referral to, violence counseling for homeless children and individuals, and the provision of violence counseling training to individuals who work with homeless children and individuals; and,

(g) Not more than 5 percent of the amount received will be used to defray State administrative costs.

[54 FR 6372, Feb. 9, 1989, as amended at 57 FR 27946, June 23, 1992]