45 CFR § 12.3 - General policies.

§ 12.3 General policies.

(a) It is the policy of the Department to foster and assure maximum utilization of surplus real property for public health purposes, including research.

(b) Transfers may be made only to States, their political subdivisions and instrumentalities, tax-supported public health institutions, and nonprofit public health institutions which (except for institutions which lease property to assist the homeless under Title V of Pub. L. 100-77) have been held tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

(c) Real property will be requested for assignment only when the Department has determined that the property is suitable and needed for public health purposes. The amount of real and related personal property to be transferred shall not exceed normal operating requirements of the applicant. Such property will not be requested for assignment unless it is needed at the time of application for public health purposes or will be so needed within the immediate or foreseeable future. Where construction or major renovation is not required or proposed, the property must be placed into use within twelve (12) months from the date of transfer. When construction or major renovation is contemplated at the time of transfer, the property must be placed in use within 36 months from the date of transfer. If the applicable time limitation is not met, the transferee shall either commence payments in cash to the Department for each month thereafter during which the proposed use has not been implemented or take such other action as set forth in § 12.12 as is deemed appropriate by the Department. Such monthly payments shall be computed on the basis of the current fair market value of the property at the time of the first payment by subtracting therefrom any portion of the purchase price paid in cash at the time of transfer, and by dividing the balance by the total number of months in the period of restriction. If the facility has not been placed into use within eight (8) years of the date of the deed, title to the property will be revested in the United States, or, at the discretion of the Department, the restrictions and conditions may be abrogated in accordance with § 12.9.

(d) Transfers will be made only after the applicant has certified that the proposed program is not in conflict with State or local zoning restrictions, building codes, or similar limitations.

(e) Organizations which may be eligible include those which provide care and training for the physically and mentally ill, including medical care of the aged and infirm; clinical services; services (including shelter) to homeless individuals; other public health services (including water and sewer); or similar services devoted primarily to the promotion and protection of public health. In addition, organizations which provide assistance to homeless individuals may be eligible for leases under title V of Public Law 100-77. Except for the provision of services (including shelter) to homeless individuals, organizations which have as their principal purpose the providing of custodial or domiciliary care are not eligible. The eligible organization must be authorized to carry out the activity for which it requests the property.

(f) An applicant's plan of operation will not be approved unless it provides that the applicant will not discriminate because of race, color, sex, handicap, or national origin in the use of the property.

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