45 CFR § 1301.4 - Parent committees.

§ 1301.4 Parent committees.

(a) Establishing parent committees. A program must establish a parent committee comprised exclusively of parents of currently enrolled children as early in the program year as possible. This committee must be established at the center level for center-based programs and at the local program level for other program options. When a program operates more than one option, parents may choose to have a separate committee for each option or combine membership. A program must ensure that parents of currently enrolled children understand the process for elections to the policy council or policy committee and other leadership opportunities.

(b) Requirements of parent committees. Within the parent committee structure, a program may determine the best methods to engage families using strategies that are most effective in their community, as long as the program ensures the parent committee carries out the following minimum responsibilities:

(1) Advise staff in developing and implementing local program policies, activities, and services to ensure they meet the needs of children and families;

(2) Have a process for communication with the policy council and policy committee; and

(3) Within the guidelines established by the governing body, policy council or policy committee, participate in the recruitment and screening of Early Head Start and Head Start employees.