45 CFR § 1302.1 - Overview.

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§ 1302.1 Overview.

This part implements these statutory requirements in Sections 641A, 645, 645A, and 648A of the Act by describing all of the program performance standards that are required to operate Head Start, Early Head Start, American Indian and Alaska Native and Migrant or Seasonal Head Start programs. The part covers the full range of operations from enrolling eligible children and providing program services to those children and their families, to managing programs to ensure staff are qualified and supported to effectively provide services. This part also focuses on using data through ongoing program improvement to ensure high-quality service. As required in the Act, these provisions do not narrow the scope or quality of services covered in previous regulations. Instead, these regulations raise the quality standard to reflect science and best practices, and streamline and simplify requirements so programs can better understand what is required for quality services.