45 CFR § 1336.31 - Project approval procedures.

§ 1336.31 Project approval procedures.

(a) Each applicant for financial assistance under section 803 of the Act must submit a work plan that falls within the statutory requirements of the Act and meets the criteria of program announcements published by ANA in the Federal Register. If the proposed project extends beyond one year, a work plan must be submitted for the period of time specified by the Commissioner in the Program Announcement. ANA will determine whether to approve all, part, or none of the requested work plan. Proposed changes to the approved work plan must receive the written approval of ANA prior to implementation by the recipient.

(b) ANA will negotiate the approved project goals, objectives, work plan, and the funding level for each budget period with each recipient.

(c) The evaluation for the purpose of making an approval decision on each proposed work plan will take into account the proposal's conformance with ANA program purposes and the recipient's past performance and accomplishments.

(d) Financial assistance awarded under section 803 may be renewed by ANA to grantees based on acceptable work plans and past performance.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0980-0016)