45 CFR § 1336.52 - Appeals.

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§ 1336.52 Appeals.

(a) Right to appeal. Recipients whose financial assistance has been suspended or terminated, or whose non-competing continuation applications for refunding have been denied, may appeal such decisions using the procedures described in this section. Denial of an application for refunding means the refusal to fund a non-competing continuation application for a budget period within a previously approved project period.

(b) Suspension, termination, and denial of funding. Procedures for and definitions of suspension and termination of financial assistance are published in 45 CFR 75.371 through 75.380. Appeals from a denial of refunding will be treated the same procedurally as appeals to termination of financial assistance. The term “denial of refunding” does not include policy decisions to eliminate one or more activities of an approved project. A decision not to fund an application at the end of the recipients's project period is not a “denial of refunding” and is not subject to appeal.

(c) Hearings.

(1) A recipient shall be given an initial written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the suspension or termination of financial assistance except in emergency situations, which occur when Federal property is in imminent danger of dissipation, or when life, health, or safety is endangered. During this period of time, the recipient has the opportunity to show cause to ANA why such action should not be taken.

(2) A recipient who has received final written notice of termination or denial of refunding, or whose financial assistance will be suspended for more than 30 days, or who has other appealable disputes with ANA as provided by 45 CFR part 16 may request review by the Departmental Grant Appeals Board under the provisions of 45 CFR part 16.

(3) If a recipient appeals a suspension of more than 30 days which subsequently results in termination of financial assistance, both actions may be considered simultaneously by the Departmental Grant Appeals Board.

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