45 CFR § 1336.69 - Reporting requirements: Responsibilities of the Loan Administrator.

§ 1336.69 Reporting requirements: Responsibilities of the Loan Administrator.

(a) The Loan Administrator will maintain the following internal information and records:

(1) For each borrower: The loan repayment schedule, log of telephone calls and site visits made with the date and the items discussed, correspondence with the borrower, progress reports and analyses.

(2) Monthly status of all outstanding loans, noting all overdue payments.

(3) Monthly status of the investments of the revolving loan fund monies not currently used for loans.

(4) Monthly records on the revenue generated by the loan fund from interest charges and late charges.

(5) Monthly administrative costs of the management of the loan fund and the sources of the monies to support the administrative costs.

(b) The Loan Administrator must submit a quarterly report to the Commissioner. The report may be in a format of the choice of the Loan Administrator as long as it includes at a minimum the following topics:

(1) For each borrower:

(i) Name of the borrower;

(ii) Economic development purpose(s) of the loan;

(iii) Financing of the loan by source;

(iv) Loan status (current/delinquent/paid);

(v) Principal and interest outstanding; and

(vi) Amount delinquent/defaulted, if any.

(2) Financial status of the RLF:

(i) Administrative cost expenditures;

(ii) Level of base capital;

(iii) Level of current capital;

(iv) Amount of ANA funding;

(v) Matching share;

(vi) Other direct funding of the RLF;

(vii) Program income, including interest on loans, earnings from investments, fee charges;

(viii) Loans made;

(ix) Losses on loans;

(x) Principal and interest outstanding;

(xi) Loans repaid;

(xii) Delinquent loans; and

(xiii) Collateral position of the RLF (the value of collateral as a percent of the outstanding balance on direct loans).

(c) The Loan Administrator must submit a semi-annual report to the Commissioner containing an analysis of the RLF progress to date.

(d) The Loan Administrator must submit to the Department a quarterly SF-269, Financial Status Report, or any equivalent report required by the Department.