45 CFR § 1336.73 - Eligible borrowers.

§ 1336.73 Eligible borrowers.

(a) Loans may be made to eligible applicants only if the Loan Administrator determines that the applicant is unable to obtain financing on reasonable terms and conditions from other sources such as banks, Small Business Administration, Production Credit Associations, Federal Land Banks; and

(b) Only if there is a reasonable prospect that the borrower will repay the loan. (section 803A(b)(1)(A) and (B))

(c) The Loan Administrator will determine an applicant's inability to obtain financing elsewhere on reasonable terms and conditions from documentation provided by the applicant.

(d) Those eligible to receive loans from the revolving loan fund are:

(1) Native Hawaiian individuals.

(2) Native Hawaiian non-profit organizations.

(3) Native Hawaiian businesses.

(4) Native Hawaiian cooperative associations.

(5) Native Hawaiian partnerships.

(6) Native Hawaiian associations.

(7) Native Hawaiian corporations.