45 CFR § 1336.76 - Unallowable loan activities.

§ 1336.76 Unallowable loan activities.

The following activities are among those activities not eligible for support under the revolving loan fund:

(a) Loans to the Loan Administrator or any representative or delegate of the Loan Administrator (section 803A(b)(5));

(b) Loans which would create a potential conflict-of-interest for any officer or employee of the Loan Administrator; loan activities which directly benefit these individuals, or persons related to them by marriage, or law.

(c) Eligible activities which are moved from the State of Hawaii;

(d) Investing in high interest account, certificates of deposit or other investments;

(e) Relending of the loan amount by the borrower;

(f) The purchase of land or buildings;

(g) The construction of buildings; and

(h) Purchasing or financing equity in private businesses.