45 CFR § 1356.40 - Adoption assistance program: Administrative requirements to implement section 473 of the Act.

§ 1356.40 Adoption assistance program: Administrative requirements to implement section 473 of the Act.

(a) To implement the adoption assistance program provisions of the title IV-E plan and to be eligible for Federal financial participation in adoption assistance payments under this part, the title IV-E agency must meet the requirements of this section and section 471(a), applicable provisions of section 473, and section 475(3) of the Act.

(b) The adoption assistance agreement for payments pursuant to section 473(a)(2) must meet the requirements of section 475(3) of the Act and must:

(1) Be signed and in effect at the time of or prior to the final decree of adoption. A copy of the signed agreement must be given to each party; and

(2) Specify its duration; and

(3) Specify the nature and amount of any payment, services and assistance to be provided under such agreement and, for purposes of eligibility under title XIX of the Act, specify that the child is eligible for Medicaid services; and

(4) Specify, with respect to agreements entered into on or after October 1, 1983, that the agreement shall remain in effect regardless of the place of residence of the adoptive parents at any given time.

(c) There must be no income eligibility requirement (means test) for the prospective adoptive parent(s) in determining eligibility for adoption assistance payments.

(d) In the event an adoptive family moves from one place of residence to another, the family may apply for social services on behalf of the adoptive child in the new place of residence. If a needed service(s) specified in the adoption assistance agreement is not available in the new place of residence, the title IV-E agency making the original adoption assistance payment remains financially responsible for providing the specified service(s).

(e) A title IV-E agency may make an adoption assistance agreement with adopting parent(s) who reside in another State or a Tribal service area. If so, all provisions of this section apply.

(f) The title IV-E agency must actively seek ways to promote the adoption assistance program.

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