45 CFR § 1356.81 - Reporting population.

§ 1356.81 Reporting population.

The reporting population is comprised of all youth in the following categories:

(a) Served population. Each youth who receives an independent living service paid for or provided by the State agency during the reporting period.

(b) Baseline population. Each youth who is in foster care as defined in 45 CFR 1355.20 and reaches his or her 17th birthday during Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2011, and such youth who reach a 17th birthday during every third year thereafter.

(c) Follow-up population. Each youth who reaches his or her 19th or 21st birthday in a Federal fiscal year and had participated in data collection as part of the baseline population, as specified in section 1356.82(a)(2) of this part. A youth has participated in the outcomes data collection if the State agency reports to ACF a valid response (i.e., a response option other than “declined” and “not applicable”) to any of the outcomes-related elements described in section 1356.83(g)(37) through (g)(58) of this part.

[73 FR 10365, Feb. 26, 2008]