45 CFR § 155.1080 - Decertification of QHPs.

§ 155.1080 Decertification of QHPs.

(a) Definition. The following definition applies to this section:

Decertification means the termination by the Exchange of the certification status and offering of a QHP.

(b) Decertification process. Except with respect to multi-State plans and CO-OP QHPs, the Exchange must establish a process for the decertification of QHPs, which, at a minimum, meets the requirements in this section.

(c) Decertification by the Exchange. The Exchange may at any time decertify a health plan if the Exchange determines that the QHP issuer is no longer in compliance with the general certification criteria as outlined in § 155.1000(c).

(d) Appeal of decertification. The Exchange must establish a process for the appeal of a decertification of a QHP.

(e) Notice of decertification. Upon decertification of a QHP, the Exchange must provide notice of decertification to all affected parties, including:

(1) The QHP issuer;

(2) Exchange enrollees in the QHP who must receive information about a special enrollment period, as described in § 155.420;

(3) HHS; and

(4) The State department of insurance.

[77 FR 18467, Mar. 27, 2012, as amended at 77 FR 31515, May 29, 2012]