45 CFR § 155.1324 - State reporting requirements.

§ 155.1324 State reporting requirements.

(a) Quarterly reports. A State must submit quarterly reports to the Secretary in accordance with the terms and conditions of the State's section 1332 waiver. These quarterly reports must include, but are not limited to, reports of any ongoing operational challenges and plans for and results of associated corrective actions.

(b) Annual reports. A State must submit an annual report to the Secretary documenting all of the following:

(1) The progress of the section 1332 waiver.

(2) Data on compliance with section 1332(b)(1)(A) through (D) of the Affordable Care Act.

(3) A summary of the annual post-award public forum, held in accordance with § 155.1320(c), including all public comments received at such forum regarding the progress of the section 1332 waiver and action taken in response to such concerns or comments.

(4) Other information consistent with the State's approved terms and conditions.

(c) Submitting and publishing annual reports. A State must submit a draft annual report to the Secretary no later than 90 days after the end of each waiver year, or as specified in the waiver's terms and conditions.

(1) Within 60 days of receipt of comments from the Secretary, a State must submit to the Secretary the final annual report for the waiver year.

(2) The draft and final annual reports are to be published on a State's public web site within 30 days of submission to and approval by the Secretary, respectively.