45 CFR § 155.515 - Notice of appeal procedures.

§ 155.515 Notice of appeal procedures.

(a)Requirement to provide notice of appeal procedures. The Exchange must provide notice of appeal procedures at the time that the -

(1)Applicant submits an application; and

(2) Notice of eligibility determination is sent under §§ 155.310(g), 155.330(e)(1)(ii), 155.335(h)(1)(ii), and 155.610(i).

(b)General content on right to appeal and appeal procedures. Notices described in paragraph (a) of this section must contain -

(1) An explanation of the applicant or enrollee's appeal rights under this subpart;

(2) A description of the procedures by which the applicant or enrollee may request an appeal;

(3) Information on the applicant or enrollee's right to represent himself or herself, or to be represented by legal counsel or another representative;

(4) An explanation of the circumstances under which the appellant's eligibility may be maintained or reinstated pending an appeal decision, as described in § 155.525; and

(5) An explanation that an appeal decision for one household member may result in a change in eligibility for other household members and that such a change will be handled as a redetermination of eligibility for all household members in accordance with the standards specified in § 155.305.