45 CFR § 155.540 - Expedited appeals.

§ 155.540 Expedited appeals.

(a) Expedited appeals. The appeals entity must establish and maintain an expedited appeals process for an appellant to request an expedited process where there is an immediate need for health services because a standard appeal could jeopardize the appellant's life, health, or ability to attain, maintain, or regain maximum function.

(b) Denial of a request for expedited appeal. If the appeals entity denies a request for an expedited appeal, it must—

(1) Handle the appeal request under the standard process and issue the appeal decision in accordance with § 155.545(b)(1); and

(2) Inform the appellant, promptly and without undue delay, through electronic or oral notification, if possible, of the denial and, if notification is oral, follow up with the appellant by written notice, within the timeframe established by the Secretary. Written notice of the denial must include—

(i) The reason for the denial;

(ii) An explanation that the appeal request will be transferred to the standard process; and

(iii) An explanation of the appellant's rights under the standard process.