45 CFR § 156.800 - Available remedies; Scope.

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§ 156.800 Available remedies; Scope.

(a) Kinds of sanctions. HHS may impose the following types of sanctions on QHP issuers in a Federally-facilitated Exchange that are not in compliance with Exchange standards applicable to issuers offering QHPs in the Federally-facilitated Exchange:

(1) Civil money penalties as specified in § 156.805; and

(2) Decertification of a QHP offered by the non-compliant QHP issuer in a Federally-facilitated Exchange as described in § 156.810.

(b) Scope. Sanctions under subpart I are applicable only for non-compliance with QHP issuer participation standards and other standards applicable to issuers offering QHPs in a Federally-facilitated Exchange.

(c) Compliance standard. For calendar years 2014 and 2015, sanctions under this subpart will not be imposed if the QHP issuer has made good faith efforts to comply with applicable requirements.

(d) Information sharing. HHS may consult and share information about QHP issuers with other Federal and State regulatory and enforcement entities to the extent that the consultation and information is necessary for purposes of State or Federal oversight and enforcement activities.

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