45 CFR § 16.3 - When these procedures become available.

§ 16.3 When these procedures become available.

Before the Board will take an appeal, three circumstances must be present:

(a) The dispute must arise under a program which uses the Board for dispute resolution, and must meet any special conditions established for that program. An explanation is contained in appendix A.

(b) The appellant must have received a final written decision, and must appeal that decision within 30 days after receiving it. Details of how final decisions are developed and issued, and what must be in them, are contained in 45 CFR 75.374.

(c) The appellant must have exhausted any preliminary appeal process required by regulation. For example, see 42 CFR part 50 (subpart D) for Public Health Service programs. In such cases, the final written decision required for the Board's review is the decision resulting from the preliminary review or appeal process. appendix A contains further details.

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