45 CFR § 180.70 - Monitoring and enforcement.

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§ 180.70 Monitoring and enforcement.

(a) Monitoring.

(1) CMS evaluates whether a hospital has complied with the requirements under §§ 180.40, 180.50, and 180.60.

(2) CMS may use methods to monitor and assess hospital compliance with the requirements under this part, including, but not limited to, the following, as appropriate:

(i) CMS' evaluation of complaints made by individuals or entities to CMS.

(ii) CMS review of individuals' or entities' analysis of noncompliance.

(iii) CMS audit of hospitals' websites.

(b) Actions to address hospital noncompliance. If CMS concludes that the hospital is noncompliant with one or more of the requirements of § 180.40, § 180.50, or § 180.60, CMS may take any of the following actions, which generally, but not necessarily, will occur in the following order:

(1) Provide a written warning notice to the hospital of the specific violation(s).

(2) Request a corrective action plan from the hospital if its noncompliance constitutes a material violation of one or more requirements, according to § 180.80.

(3) Impose a civil monetary penalty on the hospital and publicize the penalty on a CMS website according to § 180.90 if the hospital fails to respond to CMS' request to submit a corrective action plan or comply with the requirements of a corrective action plan.

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