45 CFR § 201.5 - Grants.

§ 201.5 Grants.

To States with approved plans, grants are made each quarter for expenditures under the plan for assistance, services, training and administration. The determination as to the amount of a grant to be made to a State is based upon documents submitted by the State agency containing information required under the Act and such other pertinent facts, including title IV-A the appropriate Federal share of child support collections made by the State, as may be found necessary.

(a) Form and manner of submittal.

(1) Time and place: The estimates for public assistance grants for each quarterly period must be forwarded to the regional office 45 days prior to the period of the estimate. They include a certification of State funds available and a justification statement in support of the estimates. A statement of quarterly expenditures and any necessary supporting schedules must be forwarded to the Department of Health and Human Services, Family Support Administration, not later than 30 days after the end of the quarter.

(2) Description of forms: “State Agency Expenditure Projection - Quarterly Projection by Program” represents the State agency's estimate of the total amount and the Federal share of expenditures for assistance, services, training, and administration to be made during the quarter for each of the public assistance programs under the Act. From these estimates the State and Federal shares of the total expenditures are computed. The State's computed share of total estimated expenditures is the amount of State and local funds necessary for the quarter. The Federal share is the basis for the funds to be advanced for the quarter. The State agency must also certify, on this form or otherwise, the amount of State funds (exclusive of any balance of advances received from the Federal Government) actually on hand and available for expenditure; this certification must be signed by the executive officer of the State agency submitting the estimate or a person officially designated by him, or by a fiscal officer of the State if required by State law or regulation. (A form “Certificate of Availability of State Funds for Assistance and Administration during Quarter” is available for submitting this information, but its use is optional.) If the amount of State funds (or State and local funds if localities participate in the program), shown as available for expenditures is not sufficient to cover the State's proportionate share of the amount estimated to be expended, the certification must contain a statement showing the source from which the amount of the deficiency is expected to be derived and the time when this amount is expected to be made available.

(3) The State agency must also submit a quarterly statement of expenditures for each of the public assistance programs under the Act. This is an accounting statement of the disposition of the Federal funds granted for past periods and provides the basis for making the adjustments necessary when the State's estimate for any prior quarter was greater or less than the amount the State actually expended in that quarter. The statement of expenditures also shows the share of the Federal Government in any recoupment, from whatever source, including for title IV-A the appropriate share of child support collections made by the State, of expenditures claimed in a prior period, and also in expenditures not properly subject to Federal financial participation which are acknowledged by the State agency, including the share of the Federal Government for uncashed and cancelled checks as described at 45 CFR 201.67 and replacement checks as described at 45 CFR 201.70 in this part, or which have been revealed in the course of an audit.

(b) Review. The State's estimates are analyzed by the regional office staff and are forwarded with recommendations as required to the central office. The central office reviews the State's estimate, other relevant information, and any adjustments to be made for prior periods, and computes the grant.

(c) Grant award. The grant award computation form shows, by program, the amount of the estimate for the ensuing quarter, and the amounts by which the estimate is reduced or increased because of over- or under-estimate for the prior quarter and for other adjustments. This form is transmitted to the State agency to draw the amount of the grant award, as needed, to meet the Federal share of disbursements. The draw is through a commercial bank and the Federal Reserve system against a continuing letter of credit certified to the Secretary of the Treasury in favor of the State payee. A copy of the grant award notice is sent to the State Central Information Reception Agency in accord with section 201 of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968.

(d) Letter of credit payment system. The letter of credit system for payment of advances of Federal funds was established pursuant to Treasury Department regulations (Circular No. 1075), published in the Federal Register on July 11, 1967 (32 FR 10201). The HEW “Instructions to Recipient Organizations for Use of Letter of Credit” was transmitted to all grantees by memorandum from the Assistant Secretary-Comptroller on January 15, 1968.

(e) General administrative requirements. With the following exceptions, the provisions of part 74 of this title, establishing uniform administrative requirements and cost principles, shall apply to all grants made to States under this part:

Subpart G - Matching and Cost Sharing.
Subpart I - Financial Reporting Requirements.
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