45 CFR § 205.190 - Standard-setting authority for institutions.

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§ 205.190 Standard-setting authority for institutions.

(a) State plan requirements. If a State plan for financial assistance under title I, X, XIV, or XVI(AABD) of the Social Security Act includes aid or assistance to individuals in institutions as defined in § 233.60(b) (1) and (2) of this chapter the plan must:

(1) Provide for the designation of a State authority or authorities which shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for such institutions;

(2) Provide that the State agency will keep on file and make available to FSA, OFA upon request:

(i) A listing of the types or kinds of institutions in which an individual may receive financial assistance;

(ii) A record naming the State authority(ies) responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for such types of institutions;

(iii) The standards to be utilized by such State authority(ies) for approval or licensing of institutions including, to the extent applicable, standards related to the following factors:

(a) Health (dietary standards and accident prevention);

(b) Humane treatment;

(c) Sanitation;

(d) Types of construction;

(e) Physical facilities, including space and accommodations per person;

(f) Fire and safety,

(g) Staffing, in number and qualifications, related to the purposes and scope of services of the institution;

(h) Resident records;

(i) Admission procedures;

(j) Administrative and fiscal records;

(k) The control by the individual, or his guardian or protective payee, of the individual's personal affairs.

(3) Provide for cooperative arrangements with the standard-setting authority(ies) in the development of standards directed toward assuring adequate quality of care; in upgrading of institutional programs and practice; in actions necessary to close institutions that mistreat or are hazardous to the safety of the patients; and in planning so that institutions may be geographically located in accordance with need.

(b) Federal financial participation.

(1) Federal financial participation is available in staff and related costs of the State or local agency that are necessary to discharge the responsibilities of the State agency under this section, including such costs for staff:

(i) Participating with other agencies and community groups in activities to set up the authority(ies) and to advise on the formulation of policy for the establishment and maintenance of standards;

(ii) On loan for a time limited period to work with the standard-setting authority(ies) in upgrading institutional care;

(iii) Engaged in the function of coordination in States where there is more than one authority; and

(iv) Engaged in adjusting complaints and making reports and recommendations to the standard-setting authority(ies) on conditions which appear to be in violation of such standards.

(2) Federal financial participation is not available in the costs incurred by the standard-setting authority(ies) in establishing and maintaining standards for institutions.

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