45 CFR § 233.36 - Monthly reporting (AFDC).

§ 233.36 Monthly reporting (AFDC).

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, a State plan for AFDC shall require the caretaker relative, or another person designated by the State, to submit, on behalf of each assistance unit whose members have earned income or recent work history, each assistance unit which has income deemed to it from individuals living with the unit who have earned income or a recent work history and, at State option, other assistance units, a completed report form to the agency monthly on:

(1) Budget month income, family composition, and other circumstances relevant to the amount of the assistance payment; and

(2) Any changes in income, resources, or other relevant circumstances affecting continued eligibility which the assistance unit expects to occur in the current month or in future months.

(3) The income of a parent or a legal guardian of a minor parent, a stepparent, or an alien sponsor, as well as the resources of an alien sponsor, where appropriate.

(b) A State may exempt categories of recipients otherwise required to report monthly from reporting each month with prior approval by the Secretary if the State can demonstrate that not requiring these cases to file monthly reports is cost effective. The Secretary will grant waivers under this provision for a period up to one year, at the end of which time the State may request an extension of the waiver. A decision by the Secretary not to approve a request for an exemption is not appealable. The plan shall include criteria for assuring (1) that exempted cases are unlikely to incur changes in circumstances from month to month which would impact their eligibility r amount of assistance and (2) that the administrative cost of requiring those categories to report monthly will be greater than the program savings which would accrue.

(c) States shall also direct recipients to report information as defined in paragraph (a)(2) of this section to the agency as they become aware of expected changes rather than waiting to inform the State on the monthly report.

[47 FR 5679, Feb. 5, 1982, as amended at 49 FR 35602, Sept. 10, 1984; 57 FR 30160, July 8, 1992]