45 CFR § 303.107 - Requirements for cooperative arrangements.

§ 303.107 Requirements for cooperative arrangements.

The State must ensure that all cooperative arrangements:

(a) Contain a clear description of the specific duties, functions and responsibilities of each party;

(b) Specify clear and definite standards of performance which meet Federal requirements;

(c) Specify that the parties will comply with title IV-D of the Act, implementing Federal regulations and any other applicable Federal regulations and requirements;

(d) Specify the financial arrangements including budget estimates, covered expenditures, methods of determining costs, procedures for billing the IV-D agency, and any relevant Federal and State reimbursement requirements and limitations;

(e) Specify the kind of records that must be maintained and the appropriate Federal, State and local reporting and safeguarding requirements; and

(f) Specify the dates on which the arrangement begins and ends, any conditions for revision or renewal, and the circumstances under which the arrangement may be terminated.

[54 FR 30223, July 19, 1989]