45 CFR § 303.32 - National Medical Support Notice.

§ 303.32 National Medical Support Notice.

(a) Mandatory State laws. States must have laws, in accordance with section 466(a)(19) of the Act, requiring procedures specified under paragraph (c) of this section for the use, where appropriate, of the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN), to enforce the provision of health care coverage for children of noncustodial parents and, at State option, custodial parents who are required to provide health care coverage through an employment-related group health plan pursuant to a child support order and for whom the employer is known to the State agency.

(b) Exception. States are not required to use the NMSN in cases with court or administrative orders that stipulate alternative health care coverage to employer-based coverage.

(c) Mandatory procedures. The State must have in effect and use procedures under which:

(1) The State agency must use the NMSN to transfer notice of the provision for health care coverage of the child(ren) to employers.

(2) The State agency must transfer the NMSN to the employer within two business days after the date of entry of an employee who is an obligor in a IV-D case in the State Directory of New Hires.

(3) Employers must transfer the NMSN to the appropriate group health plan providing any such health care coverage for which the child(ren) is eligible (excluding the severable Notice to Withhold for Health Care Coverage directing the employer to withhold any mandatory employee contributions to the plan) within twenty business days after the date of the NMSN.

(4) Employers must withhold any obligation of the employee for employee contributions necessary for coverage of the child(ren) and send any amount withheld directly to the plan.

(5) Employees may contest the withholding based on a mistake of fact. If the employee contests such withholding, the employer must initiate withholding until such time as the employer receives notice that the contest is resolved.

(6) Employers must notify the State agency promptly whenever the noncustodial parent's and, at State option, custodial parent's employment is terminated in the same manner as required for income withholding cases in accordance with § 303.100(e)(1)(x) of this part.

(7) The State agency must promptly notify the employer when there is no longer a current order for medical support in effect for which the IV-D agency is responsible.

(8) The State agency, in consultation with the custodial parent, must promptly select from available plan options when the plan administrator reports that there is more than one option available under the plan.

(d) Effective date. This section is effective October 1, 2001, or, if later, the effective date of State laws described in paragraph (a) of this section. Such State laws must be effective no later than the close of the first day of the first calendar quarter that begins after the close of the first regular session of the State legislature that begins after October 1, 2001. For States with 2-year legislative sessions, each year of such session would be regarded as a separate regular session.

[65 FR 82165, Dec. 27, 2000, as amended at 73 FR 42442, July 21, 2008]