45 CFR § 400.94 - Determination of eligibility for Medicaid.

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§ 400.94 Determination of eligibility for Medicaid.

(a) The State must determine Medicaid and SCHIP eligibility under its Medicaid and SCHIP State plans for each individual member of a family unit that applies for medical assistance.

(b) A State that provides Medicaid to medically needy individuals in the State under its State plan must determine a refugee applicant's eligibility for Medicaid as medically needy.

(c) A State must provide medical assistance under the Medicaid and SCHIP programs to all refugees eligible under its State plans.

(d) If the appropriate State agency determines that the refugee applicant is not eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP under its State plans, the State must determine the applicant's eligibility for refugee medical assistance.

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