45 CFR § 411.102 - Data collection.

§ 411.102 Data collection.

(a) Care provider facilities must maintain all case records associated with claims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, including incident reports, investigative reports, offender information, case disposition, medical and counseling evaluation findings, and recommendations for post-release treatment and/or counseling in accordance with these standards and applicable Federal and State laws and ORR policies and procedures.

(b) On an ongoing basis, the PSA Compliance Manager must work with care provider facility management and ORR to share data regarding effective care provider facility response methods to sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

(c) On a quarterly basis, the PSA Compliance Manager must prepare a report for ORR compiling information received about all incidents and allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of UCs in the care provider facility during the period covered by the report as well as ongoing investigations and other pending cases.

(d) On an annual basis, the PSA Compliance Manager must aggregate incident-based sexual abuse and sexual harassment data, including the number of reported sexual abuse and sexual harassment allegations determined to be substantiated, unsubstantiated, unfounded, or for which an investigation is ongoing. For each incident, information concerning the following also must be included:

(1) The date, time, location, and nature of the incident;

(2) The demographic background of the victim and perpetrator (including citizenship, nationality, age, and sex) that excludes specific identifying information;

(3) The reporting timeline for the incident (including the name of the individual who reported the incident; the date and time the report was received by the care provider facility; and the date and time the incident was reported to ORR);

(4) Any injuries sustained by the victim;

(5) Post-report follow-up responses and action taken by the care provider facility (e.g., housing placement changes, medical examinations, mental health counseling);

(6) Any interventions imposed on the perpetrator.

(e) Care provider facilities must provide all data described in this section from the previous calendar year to ORR no later than August 31.

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