45 CFR § 670.23 - Specific issuance criteria.

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§ 670.23 Specific issuance criteria.

Permits authorizing the taking of mammals, birds, plants, or invertebrates designated as a Specially Protected Species of mammals, birds, and plants in § 670.25 may only be issued if:

(a) There is a compelling scientific purpose for such taking;

(b) The actions allowed under any such permit will not jeopardize the existing natural ecological system, or the survival of the affected species or population;

(c) The taking involves non-lethal techniques, where appropriate. Lethal techniques may only be used on Specially Protected Species where there is no suitable alternative technique; and

(d) The authorized taking, transporting, carrying or shipping will be carried out in a humane manner.

[63 FR 50164, Sept. 21, 1998, as amended at 86 FR 27988, May 25, 2021]