45 CFR § 705.95 - Accounting of the disclosures of records.

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§ 705.95 Accounting of the disclosures of records.

(a) All disclosures of records covered by this part, except for the exemptions listed in paragraph (b) of this section, shall be accounted for by keeping a written record of the particular record disclosed, the name and address of the person or agency to whom or to which disclosed, and the date, nature, and purpose of the disclosure.

(b) No accounting is required for disclosures of records to those officials and employees of the Commission who have a need for the record in the performance of their duties or if disclosure would be required under the Freedom of Information Act. 5 U.S.C. 552.

(c) The accounting shall be maintained for 5 years or until the record is destroyed or transferred to the National Archives and Records Administrator for storage, in which event, the accounting pertaining to those records, unless maintained separately, shall be transferred with the records themselves.

(d) The accounting of disclosures may be recorded in any system the Commission determines is sufficient for this purpose, however, the Commission must be able to construct from its system a listing of all disclosures. The system of accounting of disclosures is not a system of records under the definition in § 705.2(e) and no accounting need be maintained for disclosure of the accounting of disclosures.

(e) Upon request of an individual to whom a record pertains, the accounting of the disclosures of that record shall be made available to the requester, provided that he or she has complied with § 705.3(a) and with § 705.4(c) or (d).