45 CFR § 800.203 - Medical loss ratio.

§ 800.203 Medical loss ratio.

(a) Required medical loss ratio. An MSP issuer must attain:

(1) The medical loss ratio (MLR) required under section 2718 of the PHS Act and regulations promulgated by HHS; and

(2) Any MSP-specific MLR that OPM may set in the best interests of MSP enrollees or that is necessary to be consistent with a State's requirements with respect to MLR.

(b) Consequences of not attaining required medical loss ratio. If an MSP issuer fails to attain an MLR set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, OPM may take any appropriate action, including but not limited to intermediate sanctions, such as suspension of marketing, decertifying an MSP option in one or more States, or terminating an MSP issuer's contract pursuant to § 800.404 of this part.