45 CFR § 800.303 - MSP Program contracting.

§ 800.303 MSP Program contracting.

(a) Participation in MSP Program. To become an MSP issuer, the applicant and the Director or the Director's designee must sign a contract that meets the requirements of this part.

(b) Standard contract. OPM will establish a standard contract for the MSP Program.

(c) Premiums. OPM and the applicant will negotiate the premiums for an MSP option for each plan year in accordance with the provisions of subpart C of this part.

(d) Package of benefits. OPM must approve the applicant's package of benefits for its MSP option.

(e) Additional terms and conditions. OPM may elect to negotiate with an applicant such additional terms, conditions, and requirements that:

(1) Are in the interests of MSP enrollees; or

(2) OPM determines to be appropriate.

(f) Certification to offer health insurance coverage.

(1) For each plan year, an MSP Program contract will specify MSP options that OPM has certified, the specific package(s) of benefits authorized to be offered on each Exchange, and the premiums to be charged for each package of benefits on each Exchange.

(2) An MSP issuer may not offer an MSP option on an Exchange unless its MSP Program contract with OPM includes a certification authorizing the MSP issuer to offer the MSP option on that Exchange in accordance with paragraph (f)(1) of this section.