45 CFR § 800.306 - Nonrenewal.

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§ 800.306 Nonrenewal.

(a) Nonrenewal. Nonrenewal may pertain to the MSP issuer or the State-level issuer. The circumstances under which nonrenewal may occur are:

(1) Nonrenewal of contract. As used in this subpart and subpart E of this part, “nonrenewal of contract” means a decision by either OPM or an MSP issuer not to renew an MSP Program contract.

(2) Nonrenewal of participation. As used in this subpart and subpart E of this part, “nonrenewal of participation” means a decision by OPM, an MSP issuer, or a State-level issuer not to renew a State-level issuer's participation in a MSP Program contract.

(b) Notice required. Either OPM or an MSP issuer may decline to renew an MSP Program contract by providing a written notice of nonrenewal to the other party.

(c) MSP issuer responsibilities. The MSP issuer's written notice of nonrenewal must be made in accordance with its MSP Program contract with OPM. The MSP issuer also must comply with any requirements regarding the termination of a plan that are applicable to a QHP offered on an Exchange on which the MSP option was offered, including a requirement to provide advance written notice of termination to enrollees. MSP issuers shall provide written notice to enrollees in accordance with § 800.404(d).

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