45 CFR § 89.3 - Organizational integrity of recipients.

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§ 89.3 Organizational integrity of recipients.

A recipient must have objective integrity and independence from any affiliated organization that engages in activities inconsistent with the recipient's opposition to the practices of prostitution and sex trafficking because of the psychological and physical risks they pose for women, men and children (“restricted activities”). A recipient will be found to have objective integrity and independence from such an organization if:

(a) The affiliated organization receives no transfer of Leadership Act HIV/AIDS funds, and Leadership Act HIV/AIDS funds do not subsidize restricted activities; and

(b) The recipient is, to the extent practicable in the circumstances, separate from the affiliated organization. Mere bookkeeping separation of Leadership Act HIV/AIDS funds from other funds is not sufficient. HHS will determine, on a case-by-case basis and based on the totality of the facts, whether sufficient separation exists. The presence or absence of any one or more factors relating to legal, physical, and financial separation will not be determinative. Factors relevant to this determination shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Whether the organization is a legally separate entity;

(2) The existence of separate personnel or other allocation of personnel that maintains adequate separation of the activities of the affiliated organization from the recipient;

(3) The existence of separate accounting and timekeeping records;

(4) The degree of separation of the recipient's facilities from facilities in which restricted activities occur; and

(5) The extent to which signs and other forms of identification that distinguish the recipient from the affiliated organization are present.