45 CFR § 96.84 - Miscellaneous.

§ 96.84 Miscellaneous.

(a) Rights and responsibilities of territories. Except as otherwise provided, a territory eligible for funds shall have the same rights and responsibilities as a State.

(b) Applicability of assurances. The assurances in section 2605(b) of Public Law 97–35 (42 U.S.C. 8624(b)), as amended, pertain to all forms of assistance provided by the grantee, with the exception of assurance 15, which applies to heating, cooling, and energy crisis intervention assistance.

(c) Prevention of waste, fraud, and abuse. Grantees must establish appropriate systems and procedures to prevent, detect, and correct waste, fraud, and abuse in activities funded under the low-income home energy assistance program. The systems and procedures are to address possible waste, fraud, and abuse by clients, vendors, and administering agencies.

(d) End of transfer authority. Beginning with funds appropriated for FY 1994, grantees may not transfer any funds pursuant to section 2604(f) of Public Law 97–35 (42 U.S.C. 8623(f)) that are payable to them under the LIHEAP program to the block grant programs specified in section 2604(f).

[57 FR 1978, Jan. 16, 1992, as amended at 64 FR 55858, Oct. 15, 1999]