45 CFR § 98.81 - Application and Plan procedures.

§ 98.81 Application and Plan procedures.

(a) In order to receive CCDF funds, a Tribal Lead Agency shall apply for funds pursuant to § 98.13, except that the requirement at § 98.13(b)(2) does not apply.

(b) Tribal Lead Agencies with large and medium allocations shall submit a CCDF Plan, as described at § 98.16, with the following additions and exceptions:

(1) The Plan shall include the basis for determining family eligibility.

(i) If the Tribe's median income is below a certain level established by the Secretary, then, at the Tribe's option, any Indian child in the Tribe's service area shall be considered eligible to receive CCDF funds, regardless of the family's income, work, or training status, provided that provision for services still goes to those with the highest need.

(ii) If the Tribe's median income is above the level established by the Secretary, then a tribal program must determine eligibility for services pursuant to § 98.20(a)(2). A tribal program, as specified in its Plan, may use either:

(A) 85 percent of the State median income for a family of the same size; or

(B) 85 percent of the median income for a family of the same size residing in the area served by the Tribal Lead Agency.

(2) For purposes of determining eligibility, the following terms shall also be defined:

(i) Indian child; and

(ii) Indian reservation or tribal service area.

(3) The Tribal Lead Agency shall also assure that:

(i) The applicant shall coordinate, to the maximum extent feasible, with the Lead Agency in the State in which the applicant shall carry out CCDF programs or activities, pursuant to § 98.82; and

(ii) In the case of an applicant located in a State other than Alaska, California, or Oklahoma, CCDF programs and activities shall be carried out on an Indian reservation for the benefit of Indian children, pursuant to § 98.83(b).

(4) The Plan shall include any information, as prescribed by the Secretary, necessary for determining the number of children in accordance with §§ 98.61(c), 98.62(c), and 98.80(b)(1).

(5) The Plan shall include a description of the Tribe's payment rates, how they are established, and how they support quality including, where applicable, cultural and linguistic appropriateness.

(6) The Plan is not subject to the following requirements:

(i) The early learning and developmental guidelines requirement at § 98.15(a)(9);

(ii) The certification to develop the CCDF Plan in consultation with the State Advisory Council at § 98.15(b)(1);

(iii) The licensing requirements applicable to child care services at §§ 98.15(b)(6) and §§ 98.16(u);

(iv) The identification of the public or private entities designated to receive private funds at § 98.16(d)(2);

(v) A definition of very low income at § 98.16(g)(8);

(vi) A description at § 98.16(i)(4) of how the Lead Agency will meet the needs of certain families specified at § 98.50(e);

(vii) The description of the market rate survey or alternative methodology at § 98.16(r);

(viii) The description relating to Matching Funds at § 98.16(w); and

(ix) The description of how the Lead Agency prioritizes increasing access to high-quality child care in areas with high concentration of poverty at § 98.16(y).

(7) In its initial Plan, an Indian Tribe shall describe its current service delivery capability pursuant to § 98.80(b)(2).

(8) A consortium shall also provide the following:

(i) A list of participating or constituent members, including demonstrations from these members pursuant to § 98.80(c)(1);

(ii) A description of how the consortium is coordinating services on behalf of its members, pursuant to § 98.83(c)(1); and

(iii) As part of its initial Plan, the additional information required at § 98.80(c)(4).

(9) Plans for Tribal Lead Agencies with medium allocations are not subject to the following requirements unless the Tribe chooses to include such services, and, therefore, the associated requirements, in its program:

(i) The assurance at § 98.15(a)(2) regarding options for services;

(ii) A description of any limits established for the provision of in-home care at § 98.16(i)(2), or

(iii) A description of the child care certificate payment system(s) at § 98.16(q).

(c) Tribal Lead Agencies with small allocations shall submit an abbreviated CCDF Plan, as described by the Secretary.

[63 FR 39981, July 24, 1998, as amended at 81 FR 67593, Sept. 30, 2016]