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  1. § 1159.1 What definitions apply to these regulations?
  2. § 1159.2 What is the purpose of these regulations?
  3. § 1159.3 Where should individuals send inquiries about the Endowment's systems of records or implementation of the Privacy Act?
  4. § 1159.4 How will the public receive notification of the Endowment's systems of records?
  5. § 1159.5 What government entities will the Endowment notify of proposed changes to its systems of records?
  6. § 1159.6 What limits exist as to the contents of the Endowment's systems of records?
  7. § 1159.7 Will the Endowment collect information from me for its records?
  8. § 1159.8 How can I acquire access to Endowment records pertaining to me?
  9. § 1159.9 What identification will I need to show when I request access to Endowment records pertaining to me?
  10. § 1159.10 How can I pursue amendments to or corrections of an Endowment record?
  11. § 1159.11 How can I appeal a refusal to amend or correct an Endowment record?
  12. § 1159.12 Will the Endowment charge me fees to locate, review, or copy records?
  13. § 1159.13 In what other situations will the Endowment disclose its records?
  14. § 1159.14 Will the Endowment maintain a written account of disclosures made from its systems of records?
  15. § 1159.15 Who has the responsibility for maintaining adequate technical, physical, and security safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure or destruction of manual and automatic record systems?
  16. § 1159.16 Will the Endowment take steps to ensure that its employees involved with its systems of records are familiar with the requirements and implications of the Privacy Act?
  17. § 1159.17 Which of the Endowment's systems of records are covered by exemptions in the Privacy Act?
  18. § 1159.18 What are the penalties for obtaining an Endowment record under false pretenses?
  19. § 1159.19 What restrictions exist regarding the release of mailing lists?
65 FR 46371, July 28, 2000, unless otherwise noted.