46 CFR § 105.13 - Electrical fittings and fixtures.

§ 105.13 Electrical fittings and fixtures.

(a) In compartments or areas containing tanks or pumps handling petroleum products other than Grade E products, no electrical fittings, fixtures, or equipment may be installed or used unless approved for a Class I, Group D hazardous location and labeled as such by UL or another recognized laboratory.

(b) All electrical equipment, fixtures, and fittings located within 10 feet of a vent outlet or a dispensing outlet must be explosion-proof and labeled as such by UL or another recognized laboratory, as suitable for Class I, Group D atmospheres.

(c) All electrical equipment must be grounded to the vessel's common ground.

(d) Tanks, containers, and associated piping systems in use prior to December 1, 1969, on a vessel the construction of which was contracted for before May 31, 1976, are exempt from the requirements of this section provided they are maintained in a condition that the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, finds satisfactory, and provided that major repairs or replacement of exempted equipment and systems is in accordance with this part.

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