46 CFR § 105.15 - Cargo transfer operations.

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§ 105.15 Cargo transfer operations.

During a transfer operation involving bulk liquid flammable or combustible cargoes -

(a) The operation must comply with any conditions listed in the vessel's certificate of compliance;

(b) The person in charge of the operation must ensure that -

(1) Any galley fire is safely maintained during the operation or immediately extinguished if it cannot be so maintained; and

(2) No smoking takes place in the vicinity of the operation.

(c) A red flag by day or a red electric lantern at night, visible on all sides, must be used to signal a dockside transfer operation. For non-dockside transfer operations, a red flag must be used to signal the operation; and

(d) During a dockside transfer operation, a placard must be displayed to warn persons approaching the gangway. The placard must use letters at least 2 inches high, bear the heading “Warning,” and prohibit open lights, smoking, or visitors.

(e) The vessel, personnel, and operation are subject to all applicable pollution prevention requirements set forth in 33 CFR parts 155 and 156.

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