46 CFR § 111.105-11 - Intrinsically safe systems.

§ 111.105-11 Intrinsically safe systems.

(a) Each system required by this subpart to be intrinsically safe must use approved components meeting UL 913 or IEC 60079-11 (both incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 110.10-1).

(b) Each electric cable of an intrinsically safe system must -

(1) Be 50 mm (2 inches) or more from cable of non-intrinsically safe circuits, partitioned by a grounded metal barrier from other non-intrinsically safe electric cables, or a shielded or metallic armored cable; and

(2) Not contain conductors for non-intrinsically safe systems.

(c) As part of plan approval, the manufacturer must provide appropriate installation instructions and restrictions on approved system components. Typical instructions and restrictions include information addressing -

(1) Voltage limitations;

(2) Allowable cable parameters;

(3) Maximum length of cable permitted;

(4) Ability of system to accept passive devices;

(5) Acceptability of interconnections with conductors or other equipment for other intrinsically safe circuits; and

(6) Information regarding any instructions or restrictions which were a condition of approval of the system or its components.

(d) Each intrinsically safe system must meet ISA RP 12.6 (incorporated by reference, see 46 CFR 110.10-1), except Appendix A.1.

[CGD 94-108, 61 FR 28284, June 4, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 23909, May 1, 1997; USCG-2003-16630, 73 FR 65200, Oct. 31, 2008]

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