46 CFR § 111.12-1 - Prime movers.

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§ 111.12-1 Prime movers.

(a) Prime movers must meet section 58.01-5 and 46 CFR subpart 58.10 except that those for mobile offshore drilling units must meet Part 4, Chapter 3, sections 4/3.17 and 4/3.19 of the ABS MODU Rules (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 110.10-1). Further requirements for emergency generator prime movers are in 46 CFR subpart 112.50.

(b) Each generator prime mover must have an overspeed device that is independent of the normal operating governor and adjusted so that the speed cannot exceed the maximum rated speed by more than 15 percent.

(c) Each prime mover must shut down automatically upon loss of lubricating pressure to the generator bearings if the generator is directly coupled to the engine. If the generator is operating from a power take-off, such as a shaft driven generator on a main propulsion engine, the generator must automatically declutch (disconnect) from the prime mover upon loss of lubricating pressure to generator bearings.

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