46 CFR § 111.75-20 - Lighting fixtures.

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§ 111.75-20 Lighting fixtures.

(a) The construction of each lighting fixture for a non-hazardous location must meet UL 1598A or IEC 60092-306 (both incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 110.10-1).

(b) Each fixture globe, lens, or diffuser must have a high strength guard or be made of high strength material, except in an accommodation space, navigating bridge, gyro room, radio room, galley, or similar space where it is not subject to damage.

(c) No fixture may be used as a connection box for a circuit other than the branch circuit supplying the fixture.

(d) Lighting fixtures must be installed as follows:

(1) Each fixture in the weather or in a location exposed to splashing water must be watertight. Each fixture in a damp or wet location must at least be dripproof.

(2) Each fixture and lampholder must be fixed. A fixture must not be supported by the screw shell of a lampholder.

(3) Each pendent-type fixture must be suspended by and supplied through a threaded, rigid conduit stem.

(4) Each tablelamp, desklamp, floorlamp, and similar equipment must be secured in place so that it cannot be displaced by the roll or pitch of the vessel.

(e) Nonemergency and decorative interior-lighting fixtures in environmentally protected, nonhazardous locations need meet only the applicable UL type-fixture standards in UL 1598 (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 110.10-1) and UL 1598A marine supplement or the standards in IEC 60092-306 . These fixtures must have vibration clamps on fluorescent tubes longer than 102 cm (40 inches), secure mounting of glassware, and rigid mounting.

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