46 CFR § 111.79-9 - Transmitting power between receptacles.

§ 111.79-9 Transmitting power between receptacles.

(a) If it is necessary to transmit current in one direction between two receptacle outlets by a flexible cable with a plug on each end, such as a battery charging lead between a receptacle outlet on a ship and a receptacle outlet in a lifeboat, the plug that may be energized when not in the receptacle outlet must be female.

(b) If a receptacle outlet may be used as a source of power and as a receiver of power, such as the receptacles on barges that may have to supply power to adjoining barges in some makeup and receive power from the towboat or adjoining barge in other makeups, the receptacles must be male and reverse service. Plugs of flexible cable must be female and must be at both ends of the flexible lead. The female plug must meet § 111.79-1(d) or § 111.79-3.

[CGD 74-125A, 47 FR 15236, Apr. 8, 1982, as amended by USCG-2011-0618, 76 FR 60754, Sept. 30, 2011]