46 CFR § 111.81-1 - Outlet boxes and junction boxes; general.

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§ 111.81-1 Outlet boxes and junction boxes; general.

(a) The requirements of this subpart apply to each outlet box used with a lighting fixture, wiring device, or similar item, including each separately installed connection and junction box.

(b) An outlet box must be at each outlet, switch, receptacle, or junction point.

(c) Each outlet or junction box must have a cover unless a fixture canopy, switch cover, receptacle cover, or other cover is used.

(d) As appropriate, each outlet-box or junction-box installation must meet the following standards, all of which are incorporated by reference (see 46 CFR 110.10-1): Article 314 of NFPA NEC 2002; UL 50; UL 514A, UL 514B, and UL 514C; IEC 60092-101; IEC 60092-201; IEC 60092-306; IEC 60092-352; 60092-401; and IEC 60092-502.

(e) Each outlet or junction box must be securely attached to its mounting and be affixed so as to maintain its designated degree of protection.

(f) Each outlet and junction box must be suitable for the environment in which it is installed and be constructed to the appropriate NEMA or IEC standard.

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