46 CFR § 116.423 - Furniture and furnishings.

§ 116.423 Furniture and furnishings.

(a) For the purpose of this subpart, rooms containing “fire resistant furnishings” are considered to be those in which:

(1) Furniture such as chairs, sofas, and similar items are tested and meet the requirements in UL 1056 “Fire Test of Upholstered Furniture,” or meet the requirements in § 72.05–55 in subchapter H of this chapter.

(2) Case furniture such as bookshelves, desks, cabinets, counters, beds, or other freestanding furniture are constructed in accordance with the requirements in § 72.05–55 (a)(1) in subchapter H of this chapter.

(3) Draperies, curtains and other similar furnishings and decorations are flame resistant. These materials must be tested in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 “Fire Tests for Flame Resistant Textiles and Films,” and must comply with either the small or large scale tests.

(4) Rugs and carpet may be used in addition to deck coverings. Rugs and carpets must be constructed of 100 percent wool or equivalent as determined by a flame spread rating not exceeding 75 and a smoke developed rating not exceeding 100 when tested according to ASTM E 84 (incorporated by reference, see § 114.600) or have a critical radiant flux not less than 0.8 watts per square centimeter (18 BTU's per hour per square inch) when tested according to ASTM E 648 (incorporated by reference, see § 114.600) “Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source,” and with a specific optical density not to exceed 450 in both flaming and nonflaming modes when tested according to ASTM E 662 (incorporated by reference, see § 114.600) “Specific Optical Density of Smoke generated by Solid Materials.” Also:

(i) Rugs and carpets shall not extend up bulkheads or vertical surfaces more than 10 centimeters (4 inches) above the deck.

(ii) Rugs and carpets are not permitted in machinery spaces, high risk service spaces, or areas where the spillage or leakage of flammable or combustible liquids is possible including areas immediately adjacent to bar service areas.

(b) Passageways and stairway enclosures shall contain only fire resistant furnishings. In addition, all upholstered chairs, sofas, etc., in these areas, shall be tested and meet the requirements in UL 1056 or have padding and upholstery of approved fire resistant materials.

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