46 CFR § 12.811 - Restrictions.

§ 12.811 Restrictions.

(a) An MMC issued to a non-resident alien under this subpart authorizes service only in the steward's department of the U.S. flag large passenger vessel(s), that is/are under the same common ownership and control as the foreign flag passenger vessel(s) on which the non-resident alien served to meet the requirements of § 12.807(a) of this subpart.

(1) The MMC will be endorsed for service in the steward's department, in accordance with § 12.703 of this part.

(2) The MMC may also be endorsed for service as a food handler if the applicant meets the requirements of § 12.703 of this part.

(3) No other rating or endorsement is authorized, except lifeboatman or lifeboatman-limited, in which case all applicable requirements of this subchapter and the STCW Convention and STCW Code (incorporated by reference, see § 12.103 of this part) must be met.

(b) The following restrictions must be printed on the MMC, or be listed in an accompanying Coast Guard letter, or both:

(1) The name and official number of all U.S. flag vessels on which the non-resident alien may serve. Service is not authorized on any other U.S. flag vessel.

(2) Upon issuance, the MMC must remain in the custody of the employer at all times.

(3) Upon termination of employment, the MMC must be returned to the Coast Guard within 10 days, in accordance with § 12.805 of this subpart.

(4) A non-resident alien issued an MMC under this subpart may not perform watchstanding, engine room duty watch, or vessel navigation functions.

(5) A non-resident alien issued an MMC under this subpart may perform emergency-related duties, provided that -

(i) The emergency-related duties do not require any other rating or endorsement, except lifeboatman or lifeboatman-limited as specified in paragraph (a)(3) of this section;

(ii) The non-resident alien has completed familiarization and basic training (BT), as required in § 15.1105 of this subchapter;

(iii) If the non-resident alien serves as a lifeboatman or lifeboatman-limited, he or she has the necessary lifeboatman or lifeboatman-limited endorsement; and

(iv) The non-resident alien has completed the training for crewmembers on passenger ships performing duties involving safety or care for passengers, as required in § 15.1103 of this subchapter.

(c) A non-resident alien may only serve for an aggregate period of 36 months of actual service on all authorized U.S. flag large passenger vessels combined under the provisions of this subpart.

(d) Once this 36-month limitation is reached, the MMC becomes invalid and must be returned to the Coast Guard under § 12.805(d) of this subpart, and the non-resident alien is no longer authorized to serve in a position requiring an MMC on any U.S. flag large passenger vessel.

(e) An individual who successfully adjusts his or her immigration status to become either an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence to the United States, or a citizen of the United States, may apply for an MMC, subject to the requirements of § 10.221 of this subchapter, without any restrictions or limitations imposed by this subpart.