46 CFR § 127.110 - Plans and specifications required for new construction.

§ 127.110 Plans and specifications required for new construction.

Each applicant for approval of plans and for an original Certificate of Inspection shall submit three copies of the following:

(a) General.

(1) Specifications (information only).

(2) General Arrangement Plans.

(3) Safety Plan (Fire-Control Plan), for OCMI review and approval.

(b) Hull structure.

(1) Midship Section.

(2) Booklet of Scantling Plans.

(c) Subdivision and stability. [For plans required for subdivision and stability, see subchapter S of this chapter.]

(d) Marine engineering.

(1) Piping diagrams of each Class I systems.

(2) Piping diagrams of the following Class II systems (the builder's certification of Class II non-vital piping systems must accompany the piping diagrams in compliance with § 128.220(c) of this subchapter):

(i) Systems for fill, transfer, and service of fuel oil.

(ii) Fire-main and fixed gaseous fire-extinguishing systems.

(iii) Bilge systems.

(iv) Ballast systems.

(v) Fluid-driven power and control systems.

(vi) Through-hull penetrations and shell connections.

(vii) Sanitary systems.

(viii) Vents, sounding tubes, and overflows.

(ix) Compressed-air systems.

(3) Steering and steering-control systems.

(4) Propulsion and propulsion-control systems.

(5) Piping diagrams of each system containing any flammable, combustible, or hazardous liquid including -

(i) Cargo-oil systems;

(ii) Systems for combustible drilling-fluid (such as oil-based liquid mud); and

(iii) Cargo-transfer systems for fixed independent or portable tanks.

(e) Electrical engineering.

(1) For each vessel of less than 100 gross tons, the following plans must be submitted:

(i) Arrangement of electrical equipment (plan and profile) with equipment identified as necessary to show compliance with this subchapter.

(ii) Electrical one-line diagram that includes wire types and sizes, overcurrent-device rating and setting, and type of electrical-equipment enclosure (drip-proof, watertight, or the like).

(iii) Switchboard plans required by paragraphs (e) and (f) of § 110.25-1 of this chapter.

(2) For each vessel of 100 or more gross tons, the plans required by § 110.25 of this chapter must be submitted.

(f) Automation. For each vessel of 100 or more gross tons, where automated systems are provided to replace specific personnel in the control and observation of the propulsion systems and machinery spaces, or to reduce the level of crew associated with the engine department, the following plans must be submitted:

(1) Plans necessary to demonstrate compliance with subpart D of part 130 of this subchapter.

(2) Automation-test procedure.

(3) Operations manual.

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