46 CFR § 127.220 - General fire protection.

§ 127.220 General fire protection.

(a) Each vessel must be designed and constructed to minimize fire hazards, as far as reasonable and practicable.

(b) Exhausts of internal-combustion engines, galley uptakes, and similar sources of ignition must be kept clear of and insulated from woodwork and other combustible matter.

(c) Paint lockers and similar compartments must be constructed of steel or be wholly lined with steel.

(d) Except as provided by paragraph (e) of this section, when a compartment containing the emergency source of electric power, or vital components of that source, adjoins a space containing either the ship's service generators or machinery necessary for the operation of the ship's service generators, each common bulkhead and deck must be of “A-60” Class construction as defined by § 72.05-10 of this chapter.

(e) The “A-60” Class construction required by paragraph (d) of this section is unnecessary if the emergency source of electric power is in a ventilated battery locker that—

(1) Is located above the main deck;

(2) Is located in the open; and

(3) Has no boundaries contiguous with other decks or bulkheads.