46 CFR § 151.45-7 - Shipping papers.

§ 151.45-7 Shipping papers.

Each barge carrying dangerous cargo shall have on board a bill of lading, manifest, or shipping document giving the name of shipper, location of the loading point, and the kind, grade, and approximate quantity by compartment of each cargo in the barge. Such manifest or bills of lading may be made out by the shipper, master of the towing vessel, owner, or agent of the owner. However, in the case of unmanned barges the master of the towing vessel shall either have a copy of the shipping papers for each barge in his tow or he shall make an entry in the towing vessel's log book giving the name of the shipper, location where the barge was loaded, and the kind, grade, and quantity of cargo by compartment in the barge. The barge shall not be delayed in order to secure the exact quantities of cargo.