46 CFR § 153.214 - Personnel emergency and safety equipment.

§ 153.214 Personnel emergency and safety equipment.

Each self-propelled ship must have the following:

(a) Two stretchers or wire baskets complete with equipment for lifting an injured person from a pumproom or a cargo tank.

(b) In addition to any similar equipment required by Subchapter D of this chapter, three each of the following:

(1) A 30 minute self-contained breathing apparatus of the pressure demand type, approved by the Mining Safety and Health Administration (formerly the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or the tankship's flag administration with five refill tanks or cartridges of 30 minutes capacity each.

(2) A set of overalls or large apron, boots, long sleeved gloves, and goggles, each made of materials resistant to the cargoes in Table 1 that are endorsed on the Certificate of Inspection or Certificate of Compliance.

(3) A steel-cored lifeline with harness.

(4) An explosion-proof lamp.

(c) First aid equipment.

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