46 CFR § 153.230 - Type I system.

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§ 153.230 Type I system.

A type I containment system must meet the following requirements:

(a) The vessel must meet the requirements in subpart F of part 172 of this chapter for a type I hull.

(b) Except as described in § 153.235:

(1) It may be no closer to the tankship's shell than 76 cm (approx. 29.9 in.); and

(2) It may not be located in any part of the tankship subject to the damage described in Table 172.135 of this chapter for:

(i) Collision Penetration, Transverse extent; and

(ii) Grounding Penetration, Vertical extents from the baseline upward.

[CGD 73-96, 42 FR 49027, Sept. 26, 1977, as amended by CGD 79-023, 48 FR 51009, Nov. 4, 1983]