46 CFR § 153.525 - Special requirements for unusually toxic cargoes.

§ 153.525 Special requirements for unusually toxic cargoes.

When Table 1 refers to this section a containment system must meet the following:

(a) Cargo piping and venting systems must be designed so that they can be separated from any containment system endorsed for a cargo not covered by this section.

(b) A cargo tank's relief valve setting must be not less than 21 kPa gauge (approx. 3 psig).

(c) All cargo pumps and valves located below the weatherdeck must be operable from the weatherdeck.

(d) A heat transfer system for the cargo must:

(1) Be independent of other ship service systems, except for other cargo heat transfer systems, and not enter the engine room;

(2) Be totally external to the cargo containment system; or

(3) Be approved by the Commandant (CG-ENG) for use with toxic cargoes.

(e) The cargo must be separated from any bunkers by at least two bulkheads.

(f) A cargo containment system must have a vapor return connection.

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